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Please use this page to pay for your services. Of course, the preferred method of payment is via personal or business check, but we also offer you the option of paying for your services using a major credit card. Please note this page links to external websites that actually process your payment.

If you wish to pay by sending me a personal or business check, please make it out to “” and send it to this address: LLC
1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 350
Tysons Corner, VA 22182

To make a payment online using a major credit card, just click on the Buy Now button below. That will take you to my secure payment processor (you will leave our website) to securely make your payment using Once you complete your payment you will be presented with a link to return to this website. To verify my credentials with, click the Verified Merchant Seal at left which will open a popup window.

Alternatively, you can use your Paypal account or just use Paypal without an account – either way send payment to Regardless of whether you use my payment processor or Paypal, you’re paying online securely.

I follow this procedure for your own protection – none of your identity or credit card information is held on my website to ensure I fully comply with PCI requirements for merchants who process major credit card transactions. is the payment processor used by 80% of online merchants and is considered the ‘gold standard’ for secure payment processing. is used by small businesses and individuals to make easy payments.

Current Client Invoices & Retainer Renewals

Client Name/Service OrderedInvoice/Item #Amount 
Abbe Retainer/RenewalAbbe-ret-01$2,000.00
Aulisi Retainer/RenewalAulisi-ret-01$2,000.00
Friedman Retainer/RenewalFriedman-ret-01$2,000.00
Gerber 1 hour ServiceGerber-ret-01$150.00
Gerber Retainer/RenewalGerber-ret-01$2,000.00
Greaney Retainer/RenewalGreaney-ret-01$2,000.00
Hosmer Retainer/RenewalHosmer-ret-01$2,000.00
Karlsen Retainer/RenewalKarlsen-ret-01$2,000.00
Kerfoot Retainer/RenewalKerfoot-ret-01$2,000.00
Kidwell Retainer/RenewalKidwell-ret-01$2,000.00
Kuzmowych Retainer/RenewalKuz-ret-01$2,000.00
Leon Retainer/RenewalLeon-ret-01$2,000.00
Levy 5.5 Hour serviceLevy-PG-01$825.00
Levy Retainer RenewalLevy-ret-01$2,000.00
McDonald Retainer/RenewalMcDonald-ret-01$2000.00
McNulty Retainer/RenewalMcNulty-ret-01$2,000.00
McQuaid ServiceMcNulty-ret-01$225.00
Perry Retainer/RenewalPerry-ret-01$2000.00
Pillette (L.) Retainer/RenewalPillette-L-ret-01$2,000.00
Pillette (R.) Retainer/RenewalPillette-R-ret-01$2,000.00


Service Retainers

The following are options for clients to purchase new retainers for service. Retainers include extra bonus hours, effectively reducing the hourly rate you would pay if ordering on a pay-as-you-go basis. Retainer hours never expire until used up by either on-site, remote or telephone service.

Retainer OptionItem #Amount 
10 Hour Retainer +210hour+bonus$2,000.00
20 Hour Retainer +520hour+bonus$4,000.00


Service Blocks “Pay-as-you-go”

The following are options for clients to purchase “pay as you go” service delivery. During checkout, you may purchase multiple quantities of any one item (e.g., three 15-minute service for 45 minutes of service). Sorry, my simple but safe system does not allow you to mix different service options in one transaction.

Service OptionItem #Amount 
Service Block 15 MinutesService15min$50.00
Service Block 30 MinutesService30min$100.00
Service Block 1 HourService1hour$200.00


Gift Certificates

If you wish to purchase gift certificates for a 1-hour Service Block, please use the buttons below. You can purchase up to 10 gift certificates per transaction. Once you’ve completed your payment, please email the details of your gift certificate to including:

  • recipient’s name
  • recipient’s email address
  • an optional gift message
  • the date and time you would like your gift certificate delivered
Service OptionItem #Amount 
1 Hour Gift CertificateService1hrGC$200.00
1 Hour Holiday Gift Certificate1on1HolGC$200.00

To see what my everyday 1 hour gift certificate looks like, please click here. Or click here to see an example of my Holiday gift certificate email. I can provide alternate artwork using pretty much any image you like, just email the image to Or, I can use any of the stock images you see on this website.