1-on-1 Tech Support

If you need a more timely answer to your question, need interactive help, or just some direct coaching on using your consumer technology, here’s where you can get help:

For clients in the Washington DC metro area or worldwide who need help anytime including evenings and weekends,  I highly recommend Baer Technology. You can contact them at (202) 364-1000, or via email at info@baertechnology.com. I personally know both Susan Baer and Humberto Neyra and recommend them highly. If you contact them, please tell them I sent you!

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Baer Technology can help you with just about anything in the world of consumer technology. Here are some examples:

  • Protecting your Digital Life including cybersecurity and safe online behavior
  • Computers (Mac and Windows PC) including printers, displays, webcams and other attached equipment
  • Tablets and Smartphones (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Software including computer applications and tablet/smartphone apps
  • Digital Cameras, Handycams and video editing/transferring to other media
  • Home Theater Systems and Remote Controls
  • Smart Appliances
  • Home Automation
  • Internet use including online services, social networking, and web services

Their coaching help can be used in a number of ways, here are just a few examples of what they’ve already done for clients:

  • They can help you learn how to use the consumer technology you already own and how to get it working better for you
  • They can help you learn the how and why your consumer technology works, so you understand enough about the concepts to be able to solve everyday problems on your own
  • They can talk to your child/children about online safety
  • They can help you make smart decisions about what consumer technology to buy
  • They can create a learning plan for you to help you get smarter about the technology you own, at your own pace
  • They can simply resolve your issue for you, with minimal involvement by you.

Their coaching goal is for you to become confident and independent in owning and using your consumer technology.

Should you require other services or products, They can help you by first assessing your needs, and then providing a plan to meet those needs. For example, you may need:

  • A personal or small business website design and/or hosting services – using the popular WordPress content management system.
  • Career transition services – when you’re retiring, starting your own business, or otherwise losing the support of a company’s IT department, they can step in and help you transition to a new working environment. This includes helping you obtain and setup new equipment, configuring your home office, and arranging for your own business-class email and other services.
  • New computer or device setup and configuration – they can transfer your personal files, install and configure software programs and services, and customize your user experience on your new computer (Mac or PC) or smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet (iPad or Android).
  • Computer or device problem troubleshooting and resolution – they can assess your situation, diagnose any issues and resolve them for you.

Whatever your needs are in consumer technology, Baer Technology can help. Contact them today and let them help solve your needs in consumer technology!

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