16gb iPhone – NO!

iPhone 6 in white/gold, image from Apple.comA reader asks…

Should I skip the 16gb iPhone 6s and go right to the 64gb? I hate to have to pay an extra hundred bucks, but I’m worried that 16gb isn’t enough. Thanks!

Yes, please skip that, Apple had some good economic reasons to keep the cheapest iPhone 6 with a paltry 16gb of storage memory, but frankly it just isn’t worth the hassle you’ll most likely go through. Just about anyone who owns an iPhone starts using the camera on it to take pictures and video, and with only 16gb of storage space, you’ll quickly have to start spending time culling out old pictures to make room for new ones.

Before iOS9, folks with 16gb iPhones ran into a lot of trouble trying to update iOS. But if you fill up your iPhone with pictures and video, you may still find yourself in that same trouble with future updates – there’s only so much that Apple can shrink the iOS updates. Folks may find themselves having to use (or find) a computer with iTunes to connect their iPhone to just to install the update. More hassle.


woman-holding-two-cellphones-shrugging-image-from-shutterstockSo go for the 64gb model as the smallest model you’ll consider. If you’re a true movie hound, then the 128gb model (another $100) may make more sense. If you’re worried about your budget, you need to recognize that your overall cost for having a smartphone (the cost of the iPhone plus the monthly cost of your phone and data service over 2 years) is going to be well north of $1,500 and possibly over 2 grand. So spending a little more up-front really shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you. And it will certainly make your use of the device much less troublesome over the time you own and use it.

If you received a new 16gb iPhone as a present, you have 14 days (most carriers) in which to visit the store and exchange your iPhone for the 64gb model. You may want to call first and make sure they have a model available before you show up. The cost difference is only $100, a drop in the bucket compared to that total-cost-of-ownership over your iPhone’s service life.

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