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Attach photo to Mac email: a reader asks…

I use a Macbook Air with the Apple Photos app. The only problem I have is when I try to attach a photo to an outgoing email, I tried but it won’t get to my photos library. What can I do?

I’m guessing your Photos library file is pretty large, which can delay things if you don’t already have the Photos app running. If you’re using Mac Mail for email, then there is a photo browser button near the top-right of the app window that will quickly let you choose from photos in your library. It works even faster if your Photos app is running. You can tell if an app is running in the background because you’ll see a dot below the app icon in your dock.



If you use Webmail, things are a bit more complicated. This is because the Apple Photos app hides your photos inside the photos library file, which is really just a big database file. The actual photos files are stored in hidden sub-folders. You can navigate to your original photos by right-clicking/2-finger tapping on the Photos Library file in your Pictures folder, then selecting Show Package Contents. That opens up the library sub-folders. Open the Masters folder, and you can continue diving down in the sub-folders to find photos. But please note that this is horribly slow because the Photos app creates a separate folder and sub-folder structure for years, months and days in the month, with further sub-folders if you took photos at different times of the day.

Using Webmail, it would probably be simpler to first run the Photos app, find and export the photo(s) you want to share via email, and then attach the exported files to an email. You can save the exported files to your desktop or the Pictures folder temporarily until you’ve finished attaching and sending the email. Then, don’t forget to delete those exported photos because the originals are still in the hidden folders within the Photos library.

Other mail applications (like MS Outlook) have the same problem in that you attach a specific file. Only the Apple Mail app (included in all versions of MacOS and OS X) has the ability to look within the Photos library and let you browse for photos. This avoids the issue of having to export a photo from the Photos app in order to use it outside of the Photos app.


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