Buh-Bye Google+


Buh-Bye Google+: a reader asks…

I got an email from Google telling me that I had “a consumer (personal) Google+ account” and that Google was shutting this down. Do I have to find something other than Gmail now? I’ve sent you a copy of this email.

Nope, Google offers a number of different services such as Gmail for email services. Google+ was Google’s answer to Facebook, e.g., a social media platform. It never really took off and Google is finally pulling the plug on that service. But, that service only – it doesn’t affect your Gmail service.


The email you received is legit, and on April 7, 2018 any personal pages, posts and other content will be deleted. This may take some time as Google has millions of Google+ users. I’m guessing that you never used Google+, so you have nothing that you might want to save. If, however you did use Google+ (such as creating your personal page or posting status updates), then you can follow the instructions in the email to save a copy of that content to your computer.

If you or your company uses G Suite (another service provided by Google), then your Google + account should remain active. Google will be redesigning that part of the G Suite soon. Google+ for enterprise customers (e.g., businesses as part of G Suite) likely are using Google+ as a collaboration tool.

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