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google-chrome-full-screen-mode-screenshotChrome full-screen: a reader asks…


I was working away on my computer, using Google Chrome when all of the sudden the window went to full-screen. There’s no button at the top-right to shrink it down again and I can’t even see the darn tabs. What do I do?

It’s likely that you accidentally hit a keyboard shortcut for full-screen mode, that’s the F11 key. It’s a toggle switch, pressing F11 turns on full-screen and pressing it again restores your web browser to show in a normal window. Easy solution! Older versions of Chrome had a popup that would remain at the top you could click on to exit full-screen mode, but the current version of Chrome lacks this handy feature. The popup is on screen for just a second or so before it disappears and just tells you to press the F11 key to exit full screen mode.


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