Coronavirus Notice

Coronavirus Notice:

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For the time being while we are all practicing ‘social distance’, I will only be providing consumer tech support service to clients and readers virtually, either by telephone, video conference or remote access to your computer.

For video teleconference, I can use Facetime, Google Duo, Google Hangout, Zoom, WebEx, or whatever other method you use.

For remote access, I use a commercial version of LogMeIn (called LogMeIn Rescue) for remote control over your computer. This works as long as your computer is connected to the internet. Everything between your computer and mine is encrypted to prevent anyone from snooping. Of course, I only remotely control your computer with your explicit permission!

For clients who wish it, I enable extended access in LogMeIn Rescue, which makes it easier for me to re-visit your computer without having to go through a setup process each time. Otherwise, the setup process is:

  1. you visit and fill in a six-digit code which I provide you (these are one-time-use codes)
  2. You download and run a small program that establishes a connection between your computer and mine. You may have to approve a User Accout Control (UAC) notification.
  3. You have to approve a window that pops up asking if you will let a technician take remote control.

I will continue to answer routine questions on Practical Help, including any questions you have about using consumer technology while working from home. If your need for an answer is urgent, please make an appointment or contact me via phone, text or email.

Let’s all stay safe out there and work together to limit the spread of this insidious virus.

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  1. Here is an excellent video about how to deal with groceries and take-out when bringing them into your house:

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