1. I have an aol account and it is connected to my iCloud
    AOL deleted my account due to inactivity
    Problem is I don’t know the password to aol account or iCloud
    I don’t want to lose all of my pictures videos contacts
    Someone please help me restore my account

    • HI Alex, I can’t help you restore your account, you’ll have to talk to AOL and/or Apple. I will tell you that AOL may have had your email – if you had images attached to emails that you didn’t save to a computer or other device, you are stuck with whatever help AOL will give you. If you were paying AOL, you should be able to get some support, but if you weren’t, you are more or less on your own.

      For Apple, if you forgot your Apple ID/password combo, I can tell you that Apple will not help you. To them, you are no different than any other hacker on the planet. Apple takes identity security seriously, and won’t release information unless you can prove that you are you – by knowing your own Apple ID and password – or at least enough information to use the forgotten password feature. Did you try that?

      That said, your pictures, videos and contacts may be on some other device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC), and just the backups are in iCloud. If you no longer have any such device in your possession, you are likely out of luck.

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