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fake-efax-message-screenshotFake eFax: a reader asks…


Since I’ve never gotten one of these, I am not sure if it is real or not. I don’t use eFax.

So you have two clues that this is a fake (yes, it is). First, you don’t use the eFax service, and the scam message is telling you that you have a 2 page incoming fax. That should be enough to warn you to not click on any link.

Second, if you hover over each of the links in the email in turn, you’ll run across one where the tooltip that pops up doesn’t match what the link says. In the case of the fake message you forwarded to me, hovering over the link you’d click to view the fax shows that the link actually points to some other website.

So please, please don’t click on any links in an email until you’re 100% sure that it’s legit. Yes, that means that 99% sure isn’t good enough and you shouldn’t click on links in the email.

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