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Fake Tech Support: a reader asks…

Hi Coach, I got a phone call today from Microsoft Tech Support. They said that my computer was infected, and they had to fix it remotely. They wanted me to let them take over my computer to fix the problem. I declined but am worried that my computer is infected. What should I do? I have a Windows 10 PC and am using Windows Defender and the Malwarebytes product you recommended.

You did the right thing by not letting that person remotely access your computer. It is certain that you were talking to a scammer and had you given them access, they would have infected your computer and probably done more damage including stealing your identity and money. Certainly they tried to steal your peace of mind, but let me assure you, Microsoft would never call you as this scammer did.



By using my recommended computer protection, you are doing all you need to do to ensure your computer remains virus and malware-free. There is nothing in Windows 10 that ‘reports back to Microsoft’ on the status of your computer. Scammers are very creative and always trying both new and old/well-used methods to fool you into compromising.

At this point, my suggestion for everyone is to be very suspicious of anyone contacting you in any way (phone, email, text, social media and even in person) with warnings about your technology. And certainly do not give anyone remote access to your computer. The only exception is if you hire a reputable service technician to remotely access your computer upon your request, and not in response to an unsolicited warning or offer.

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