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Garage Firestick: a reader asks…

Here is a link to my monitor: Thank you for providing this service. I wanted to use this monitor as a tv in my garage using the fire stick. As you can see on page 12 there is only one HDMI and no audio out. I have a small amplifier to power two speakers. Is there a way to get the audio to the amp? The monitor speakers are tinny at best. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks for making my job easier by including links to your equipment. Please note that on page 26 of your TV manual it shows that it can only use the PCM sound format, so you may need to adjust the audio settings on your Firestick to match. That will output audio only to the TV speakers. Unfortunately, that model of TV has no way to output audio except through those tinny speakers.

One way to make this work would be for you to connect an audio extractor box between the Firestick and the TV’s HDMI connection. Such as this one for $26: You’d also need a headphone jack cable to run from that box’s headphone output to your amplifier. That would be a stereo 3.5mm cable with male ends (both ends). Such as this one for $6:

  1. cable-creation-hdmi-audio-extractor-boxPlug the Firestick into the extractor box’s HDMI In port.
  2. Connect the extractor box’s HDMI OUT cable/port to the TV, and connect the included power supply to the extractor box and an electric outlet.
  3. Plug the 3.5mm cable into the extractor box and into the MP3 port on your amplifier.

Know that you’ll only be hearing 2-channel stereo sound from the Firestick, regardless of the type of media you play. Most movies have Dolby 5.1 surround sound. But stereo is probably good enough for your garage setting.

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