Global Warming – head in sand?

Global_Temperature_Anomaly_1880-2010_(Fig_A)We seem to be having a serious dialogue about global warming with one disconcerting ingredient – folks who deny that human activity is driving it (or that it even exists). They appear to have their heads in the sand. Opinion seems to be winning against fact in this and so many other areas.

Every time I read the news, I see reporting that follows the format of reporting the results of a poll to give credence to a notion. If enough people think something is so, then it must be so, right? Regardless of any inconvenient ‘facts’. Are we really that stupid?


Eugene Robinson has an excellent article that lays out the facts quite well. And the Environmental Defense Fund has plenty of facts to prove the effect of human activity on global warming.

Yet even our government entities can keep their heads in the sand, as evidenced by North Carolina’s House Bill 819.

At this point, I think we’re at or close to the tipping point where humans can’t change upcoming climate changes resulting from global warming. I’m worried that we are quickly approaching a point where mother nature will make some sudden and drastic changes to our climate that will threaten humanity worldwide. At that point, our petty squabbles about everything else will disappear as we individually and collectively try to remain alive.

I don’t expect our politicians to do anything about this, and I don’t believe that (m)any of us can do anything individually to ensure our survival (sorry survivalists). We all appear to be like lemmings driving toward the cliff, unable to turn away. Fatalistic? Depressing?

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