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iPhone Directions Tip: a reader asks…

I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and when I need to go someplace I use the maps app and type in the street address to find and get directions. Is there a faster and easier way to do this? Btw, I use my calendar app on the iPhone to keep my appointments straight.

While typing in a street address in the Apple Maps app: as you type, some matching locations appear below that. If the right one pops up on that list, you can tap that instead of completing the typing of the full street address. If the place you’re going to is a business, try typing the business name instead of the street address. If you’re going to someplace that’s already in your Contacts, type the person’s name. These are all ways to get the location faster than fully typing out the street address.

There is another way, since you use the Calendar app. When creating an appointment or event, fill in the Location field following the same method as above. I should note this works with most calendar apps you might use on the iPhone, including the Apple Calendar app, the Outlook Calendar app and the Google Calendar app. Here’s what you do:

When creating an appointment or event, tap the Location field and start typing in the address, or business name. As you type, matching locations will appear on the list below, and you can tap to choose the right one if it shows. If the right place doesn’t show up, continue typing in the address till it’s complete, and then save your appointment (after filling in any other details you want).

Tap to open larger view of this image. This is a screenshot of an iPhone Calendar appointment with the location circled.

That’s it, now when it comes time to leave for the appointment, open your calendar app and tap the event. At this point, each calendar app uses a slightly different method to get directions:

  • In Apple’s Calendar app, the location is in red just below the event name. Tap that and your Apple Maps will open. Tap the blue button (with auto icon) near the bottom to generate directions and tap the green Go button. So from the Home screen on your iPhone, that’s 5 taps.
  • In Outlook’s Calendar applet, tap the map graphic or the location address and your Apple Maps will open. Tap the blue link at the top-right “Get Directions” and then when the directions load in the Apple Maps app, tap the green Go button. So from the Home screen on your iPhone, that’s 6 taps.
  • In Google Calendar app, tap to open the event and tap the location listing. You might be presented with the option to choose which app you want to use to get directions (Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps). If you’ve used this before the last Maps applet you chose will open automatically. Tap the blue button (labeled Directions in Google Maps, or with the auto icon in Apple Maps) and then tap the button to start your directions (blue Start button in Google Maps or green Go button in Apple Maps). From the home screen, that’s 6 or 7 taps.

That’s all there is to this handy tip. When you make an appointment is the best time to put the location directly into the appointment. Then when it comes time to go, you don’t have to mess with finding and entering in an address.

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