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iPhone Mount: a reader asks…

I have an iPhone that I’d like to have handy in my car. I’ve tried those airvent thingies but I don’t like them. Do you have a solution you recommend?

Actually, I’ve been using the Steelie car mounting kit (you can get it on Amazon or direct from Nite Ize at https://www.niteize.com/product/Steelie-FreeMount-Car-Kit.asp) for several years now. Using 3M adhesive rings, you attach a strong magnet (sort of a flat donut shape) to the back of your iPhone’s case, and stick a round metal ball to your dashboard, again with 3M adhesive. Easy and strong, after 24 hours the adhesive sticks perfectly – so good that the only way to remove it is by sawing at the adhesive with dental floss.



The magnet is plenty strong enough to hold your iPhone through bumps and jolts. Because of the round ball and donut connection point, you can position your iPhone vertically or horizontally easily. There’s even a silicone rubber piece inside the donut hole that helps to keep the iPhone from sliding down on the steel ball. The kit comes with the ball you mount onto your dashboard, the magnet ring you attach to the back of your iPhone (case), and extra 3M mounting adhesive rings.


There’s another mounting bracket type that I’ve seen, the Nato Mount, but it doesn’t look as good and work as easily as the Steelie. The Nato Mount puts the magnet in the base, whereas the Steelie puts it on the device. If you want a mount that doesn’t have anything visible attached to your iPhone, you might like the Nato Mount better, since all you need is a flat piece of metal attached to the inside of your iPhone’s case.

Neither of these magnetic mounts will have any impact on your iPhone’s operation or memory.

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