Kindle App Snafu


Kindle App Snafu: a reader asks…

My Windows 10 computer has the Kindle app installed but I can’t sign in. Even though I use the correct username and password, it keeps giving me an error. What should I do?

I going to go out on a limb and assume you have 2-factor authentication turned on for your account. That means that anytime a new app or device tries to log into your Amazon account, you have to authenticate, usually with a six-digit code that was texted to you.The problem is that the Kindle app (in the Windows Store) was never updated to be able to handle 2-factor authentication. Basically, it’s broken. So I have two possible solutions for you.


google-2-factor-authentication-graphicFirst, you can temporarily disable 2-factor authentication on your Amazon account, run the Kindle app and log in, and then go back and re-enable 2-factor authentication. This is a workaround for someone not doing their job (Kindle app developers, I’m calling you out). To disable 2-factor, visit and click the Disable button, then confirm it. When you’re done, visit the same web page and enable the feature.


Second, you can skip the new Kindle App and just download the standard, full-featured Kindle app from That’s at It’s free, and will give you access to all your Kindle books. It works with 2-factor authentication as well.

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