Last-minute Holiday Shopper? Ideas!

Present box, green with white bowSo once again you’ve waited to get your gifts till the last minute? Stuck for gift ideas? Got you covered! Here’s a list of gift ideas in the world of consumer technology that you can consider. I’m not necessarily giving you a big writeup about the pros and cons of each, nor particularly endorsing any particular gifts (hence, no links just a list) – this is just a quick hit-list of ideas to save you time (which you don’t have much of), and energy (always short). All these are just a quick google search away!

GGift Card samples, image from Shutterstockifts under $50:

  • Gift cards – to just about any merchant you can think of. Music and app lovers can use an iTunes or Google Play gift card. Gamers can use one from GameStop. Foodies? How about a Whole Foods or Fresh Market gift card
  • USB "Thumb" thumbdriveUSB stuff – cables, car USB outlets, USB storage drives, USB hubs (to give you more and more convenient USB outlets)
  • Smartphone stuff – earbuds, a protective case for smartphones, screen protector, extra power adapter/cable, car charger
  • Tablet users – microfiber cleaning cloths, extra USB cable, neoprene case
  • Photography buffs – an SD card (or whatever fits their camera), a padded camera strap, a camera bag, lens covers, lenses for their smartphone
  • Your friendly, neighborhood geek – geeky t-shirts, wind-up toys, mini robots, comic books, off-beat USB drive, squeezable figures (like from Dilbert)
  • Computer users – a cordless mouse, webcam, keyboard (if their current one has lost the key labels), mouse pad, laptop carry case, external speakers
  • Videophiles – Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, gift membership to Netflix (or Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime)

Image of exercise braceletsGifts under $100:

  • Videophiles – DVD/Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku streamer, smart remote control
  • Readers – Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook
  • Gamers – gaming keyboard or mouse or mousepad, the latest game releases
  • Computer users – external storage drive, replacement internal hard drive, software
  • Smartphone stuff – external speakers, a really nice smartphone case or cover
  • Tablet users – keyboard cover, extra charging adapter/cable
  • Active exercisers – Fitbit or Nike Fuelband bracelet, smart clothing (with sensors)

Image of GoPro Hero Silver cameraGifts under $500:

  • Tablet users – a new iPad or Android tablet, a high-quality keyboard add-on for their existing tablet
  • Gamers – a hot gamer’s mechanical keyboard and laser gaming mouse combo, new game system
  • Smartphone users – an upgrade for their smartphone (or a new, first smartphone)
  • Videophiles – a compact handycam, sound bar speaker system, a subwoofer to add to their entertainment system, smart remote control system
  • Photography buffs – new digital camera, that DSLR lens they’ve been jones’in for, a new smartphone
  • Readers – iPad 2, Amazon Kindle Fire XD
  • Computer users – a new laptop, home automation control starter kit, a new desktop computer monitor or a new secondary monitor (to extend the display across 2 monitors)
  • Active exercisers – GPS watch or cycling tracker, electronic exercise bike, wearable exercise tracker

Images of iPad-iPhone-MacBook-ProGifts under $2,000:

  • Computer users – a nice new laptop, an all-in-one computer (like iMac)
  • Videophiles – a prosumer handycam, new entertainment system receiver, new 5.1 speaker system, Sonos home speaker system, big-screen TV
  • Photography buffs – that new DSLR body they’ve wanted, an awesome telephoto lens system for their current camera
  • Gamers –
  • Homeowners – a smart appliance
  • Starwatchers – electronic motorized telescope

Image of Samsung curved screen TVExtravagant gifts to impress:

  • 3-D printer
  • gaming computer
  • really big-screen TV
  • a vacation gift package (cruise or destination, all-inclusive)
  • a reservation ($5k) for a Tesla – oh heck, just order the car!

Feel free to add your favorite gift ideas in the comments and I’ll keep updating this list over the next few days as we count down.

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