Malwarebytes New Version 3.6.1

Malwarebytes New Version 3.6.1: PSA

Advertisement released the latest version for Windows on Saturday 9/22/18. Most folks should be on version 3.5.1 and should take the earliest opportunity to upgrade.

The easiest way to upgrade is simply to visit and download the free version. Malwarebytes offers the same version for free, trial and premium, the only difference is what features are activated. If you already have a current subscription, installing the latest version won’t change your subscription status.

As usual, Malwarebytes is going to be slow-rolling out this new version to current subscribers. If you don’t take action it could be a month or two before they get around to reminding you to upgrade. Since this is a computer security product, I recommend upgrading asap rather than waiting.

Malwarebytes has also released a new version for Mac If you are on a Mac and using Malwarebytes, you can follow the same procedure above to get the latest version.

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