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PDF App for Mac: a reader asks…

I have a Mac, and am having trouble with certain PDF files. When I open a PDF I can see the file just fine and print it. But some PDFs such as IRS forms are supposed to be capable of being filled out online, then printed or saved. My Mac can’t do anything with those except the usual view and print. What do I need to be able to fill out these forms?

Your Mac is using the built-in File Preview feature of MacOS to view PDFs. The form-filling capability is a part of Adobe’s PDF file format, but you need a true PDF app to use those features.




Adobe provides a free Acrobat Reader DC app you can install on your Mac, and you use that app to open the PDF and fill out the form. Acrobat Reader has full functionality for using PDFs outside of editing and creating PDFs. Meaning that you can take a form that someone else created, fill it out and save the form (with the filled-out data). You can also use a digital signature to electronically sign documents.

The Mac’s Preview app is only designed to let you view files from many different formats. It will not let you interact with those file formats, other than to view and print.

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