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Quick Keyboard Fix: a reader asks…

I have a Lenovo all-in-one computer with Windows 10. It came with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and has a little stub (labeled Lenovo) that fits into a USB port on the backside. I am having a problem in that my mouse and keyboard suddenly stopped working and I can’t get them working again, even after restarting the computer several times. What should I do next?

If you haven’t already, check out my article Simple Fix. In it, The article talks about how to quickly fix things that go wrong in your digital life. You’ve already taken the first step, restarting your computer. But you may not realize that your mouse and keyboard are battery-powered. Batteries run out of juice and need to be replaced.

If you’re sure that your batteries are fresh, then the next step is to unplug that little stub, which is a USB ‘dongle’ that provides a wireless signal to communicate with the keyboard and mouse. Pull it out of the USB port, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. You can also try plugging it into a different USB port either on the backside or on the side of the monitor.



Some of the wireless keyboard and mouse devices have a ‘connect’ button on the underside which you can press to re-establish wireless contact with the computer. Check to see if you have one of those. And lastly, check that someone didn’t turn off the keyboard and mouse – there are usually power switches on them.

Since your mouse and keyboard communicate with the computer via wireless signals, it’s also possible that there’s something else nearby that is causing interference of those signals. Microwave ovens, cordless home phones and other appliances in your home can cause interference. If none of the above help, turn them off or move them further away from the computer and see if that solves the problem.

As a short-term option, check to see if your All-in-one computer has a touchscreen. You can temporarily use the touchscreen to control the computer until you get your keyboard and mouse working (or replaced). Windows 10 includes an onscreen keyboard for touchscreens, and you can touch or tap anywhere to place the cursor or select an item. Usually double-tapping an icon will open the program or file.

Lastly, recognize that these devices don’t last forever, and aren’t indestructible. If they’ve been dropped or otherwise mistreated (even accidentally), that can damage the circuits inside. Your local computer or office supply store stocks replacement wireless keyboard and mouse devices, often from brands like Logitech, Microsoft and Belkin. You don’t have to replace a Lenovo wireless keyboard and mouse with Lenovo branded equipment, any of these 3rd party devices will work with your computer.

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