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Sprint Wireless Boost: a reader asks…

I got an email from Sprint today offering me a “Magic Box” for signal boosting, free. Do you think I should get it for my home, I’m in kind of a dead zone.

While I normally eschew 3rd party devices that purport to boost your wireless cellular signal, Since Sprint is offering you this for free, it might be worth using. Please note that while the device is free to you, it comes with some potential gotcha’s. First, you may have to pay a hefty refundable deposit, which you might lose if the device is lost or damaged. The device remains the property of Sprint, it’s not yours to keep. Second, you have to make sure that it’s truly available in your area by going through the process in the link Can I get Sprint Magic Box? And third, this is only a signal booster for your data, not voice service.

Most likely, your home has Wi-fi and you use that for data, so you’re not using the Sprint cellular service for surfing the internet, email or other internet tasks on your Sprint smartphone. Being in a ‘dead zone’ for you probably means you have trouble making phone calls from your Sprint smartphone while at home. The Magic Box won’t help with that. So weigh your actual need against what the device offers to decide whether it’s worth you getting it or not.


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