1. Hi Chris . I tried to reset my Password using your method. I have an IMac cannot reset any suggestions.

    • Hi Earl, my instructions were for Windows and Outlook. Since you’re using a Mac computer, it will be slightly different (not the online part of resetting your password at verizon.com, but the part you do in your email account). First you need to verify that you really know the correct login password combo. Go to https://webmail.verizon.com/ and log in with your username and password. If you can do that and get into your account, then you can update the password in your iMac. If you can’t successfully login to your webmail account, then you have to follow the steps in the post to reset your password online.

      So you have 3 pieces of information associated with your Verizon account that are yours: 1) your username, 2) your email address, and 3) your password. The other information you might need is the settings for your email program to use to connect to the email service. This includes your incoming and outgoing server names (that would be pop.verizon.net and smtp.verizon.net respectively); knowing that your outgoing server (SMTP) requires verification (using the same settings as your incoming server) and that it uses SSL; and knowing that the Incoming Server (POP3) port should be set to 995 and the Outgoing Server (SMTP) port should be set to 465. You may or may not need this information to correct any wrong settings in your mail program.

      If you’re using Mac Mail, go ahead and shut down Mac Mail. You update your account password by opening System Preferences and then opening Internet Accounts. Verify your email address and password there. The advanced button allows you to verify or make updates to the various settings to match the above setup information (server names, etc.). Then you should be able to run Mac Mail.

      If you’re using MS Office for Mac 2011 and Outlook, then you run Outlook and use the Menu item Tools, then Accounts to verify your Verizon email address and password, as well as verifying/correcting any of the above setup information.

      In both cases, the password won’t show (just dots will show), so you’ll want to remove them and carefully type in the correct password. Please note that passwords are case-specific (meaning a capitol A is different than a lower-case a).

      If you use something else, then let me know what program you’re using for email service.

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  3. Anita Johnson

    How do I save messages o n my email.

    • Hi Anita, I’m not sure what you’re asking. I assume you’re using Outlook and have it connected to an email account somewhere. Every email you see on your Outlook screen is ‘saved’ in an Outlook data file once it’s been downloaded from your email account. Meaning if you can see the email in the inbox, you’ve got it on your computer. In Outlook you can create folders and move messages between folders.

      There are three methods of connecting your email account to Outlook, The older method is called POP (or POP3) and is a store-and-forward method where emails are received in your email account with your email service provider, and when you run Outlook it downloads the email from the server to your computer. The newer method is called IMAP where your emails that are copied to Outlook are kept in sync with the emails that are on the server in your email account (at your email service provider). Microsoft also has an Exchange Server which operates somewhat like IMAP, only for everything in Outlook, not just emails. That’s calendar, contacts, notes and tasks btw.

      If you want more information, you’re going to have to leave me a few more words in your question. I can’t read your mind…

  4. I have been searching about varizon email password, when I read this article I get to know the correct
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  5. Pedro J Maltos

    I am trying to reset my password to my verizon.net e-mail account. I do not know the current password and the verizon web page does not recognize my user ID, password or any information they ask for, such as cell telephone number. I have had this account since before they became Frontier and since before they merged their e-mail accounts with AOL. I just got a new cell phone device and am trying to sync my new device to my e-mail account and that is why I need my e-mail account password. Any advice or suggestions?

    • I know this is low-tech, but have you tried calling Verizon and talking to a customer service representative? The problem with an online-only approach is that you have to prove your identity to Verizon before you can access your account, and the username and password is the primary way to do that. Have you tried the forgotten password feature for either logging into Verizon (verizon.com) or AOL (mail.aol.com)?

      I’ve found Verizon’s online account access system to be horrible, it’s always losing my login information and locking my account till I call and talk to someone. To make things worse, their telephone support is pretty horrible too. But you have to grit your teeth and wade through it in order to resolve the issue.

  6. Courtney Hensley

    I have a Android Verizon Wireless prepaid phone I’m trying to get a code sent to me so I can unlock it and start my prepaid services I have the money to pay the bill but can’t get nobody to answer the phone or call me back
    courtneyhensley372@gmail.com or call or text me 4096559450

    • HI Courtney, thanks for your question. Looking online at https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-138364/, have you tried that procedure? Here it is:

      1. If powered off, press and hold the Power button until the device powers on.
      2. Tap Activate. Note You can also activate your device online.
      3. Enter your zip code or select your state then tap Next (located in the lower-right).
      4. Select an area code exchange for your area then tap Next.
      5. From the ‘Review Your Plan’ screen, verify the plan then tap Next. Note For additional plan info, tap Plan Details. Note To add more data, tap Select Extra Data for the next 30 or 90 Days.
      6. Enter the appropriate info into the required fields (e.g., First Name, Last Name, etc.). Note Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*).
      7. From the ‘Set Up My Verizon & Security’ screen, create the following then tap Next: My Verizon User ID and Password; Security Code; Security Question.
      8. From the ‘Choose a Payment Option’ screen, select one of the following: Credit/Debit Card; Refill Card. Note The card value must be equal to or greater than cost of selected plan.
      9. Enter the appropriate payment info then tap Next.
      10. Tap OK to complete activation. Note Allow up to 15 minutes for activation to complete.

      Note: you have to have a debit or credit card to use the prepaid phone service if you didn’t pay up-front for the phone and service at the same time.

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