Win10 Version 1809

Win10 Version 1809: a reader asks…

I heard that Microsoft had pulled the latest Fall Update to Windows 10 due to lots of problems. But my computer is now telling me that version 1809 is ready to install. Should I do this now?


According to, the Fall Update has been fully released and can be safely installed on your system. But just because Microsoft says you can, should you? I think it would be just fine for you to wait a bit before installing the update. Version 1809 has been plagued with a lot of issues, some serious. This has resulted in the delayed roll-out. 

If your computer is otherwise working normally, you can easily defer the update for awhile, or you can choose to install the update when it’s offered to you. I’ve installed it on several different Windows 10 PCs with no problems, but the various support forums are full of postings by folks who have had problems. Since there isn’t anything super-critical in terms of a security concern, you can safely defer the installation for awhile without compromising your security. 

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  1. Bruce Robert Butterworth

    Helpful message Chris. Really helpful. I was just about to ask.

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