Windows Updates?

bitdefender-windows-updates-screenshotWindows Updates? a reader asks…

Chris, I was working along, doing my thing on my laptop and got a blue screen – unexpected error. I restarted normally and then started running scans. When I ran the Bitdefender vulnerability scan, I got the window – Bitdefender says I’m missing some critical updates. Funny thing is that I did not get a notice from Microsoft Update. Was I supposed to go out and manually check for updates?? Should I now download the ones in the Bitdefender Vulnerability list? The list shows an update to MS Project which I don’t even have installed on my laptop.

windows-update-settings-screenshotFirst off, you should check Windows Update settings and make sure that automatic updates is turned on. You should also check the schedule for update checking, the default that Microsoft uses is in the middle of the night (3am). If you don’t routinely leave your computer on overnight, then you’re not going to get those updates. That may be why you’re missing the updates. Your best bet is to leave your computer running overnight at least once or twice a week. I should tell you that I routinely leave my Windows computers running all the time (just with the monitor powered down), so that everything that needs updating gets updated and I get bothered less while I’m working.


Rather than using Bitdefender’s list, you should run Windows Update and see what critical and recommended updates it shows. I should warn you that while Bitdefender is great at catching computer viruses, I don’t recommend you use it for other purposes. There are better alternatives. Bitdefender has bloated itself up over the last few years, offering more and more features than just simple antivirus and firewall. The vulnerability scan, SafePay and the various optimizers are all what I call bloatware, and I don’t use them.

  • bitdefender-and-malwarebytes-images-together
    Full-spectrum protection for your Microsoft Windows Computer

    I use Bitdefender to protect my Windows computers against viruses, and nothing else.

  • I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium to protect those same computers against malware and nothing else
  • I use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium to protect those same computers against other internet threats and nothing else

The so-called Vulnerability scan in Bitdefender isn’t needed, as Windows Update is more reliable (so long as you follow the settings you make).

lastpass-logoInstead of SafePay, I use LastPass to secure my online payment information.

I avoid pretty much any system optimizer software, as it can easily do more harm than good.

Most software developers will expand their wares’ capabilities in order to capture more market share. But really, a developer is usually really good at whatever core product they started with, and expanding into other areas means less expertise at those additional product areas. Just because you have a program with lots of capabilities doesn’t mean you should use all those capabilities. Of course, this is just my .02 talking here, I’m sure the developers will disagree with me and think everything they do is just perfect for the customer.

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